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Pronunciation: a•da•mo
Origin: Latin
1 : to fall in love with, find pleasure in.

Our story begins in 2009 when ADAMO Collection was first conceptualized by Sean Wing as the perfect creative brand that combined a 50/50 focus on fashion and media, all fueled by the creativity, passion, and adventure of youth. The concept was originally formed for Hurley as the future of the fashion industry where a brand would operate as a platform and content provider of authentic media symbolizing a culture and movement through the raw creativity of people that could become identifiable through fashion.

ADAMO Collection was to be the prototype of this concept; acting as en exclusive collection of higher-end apparel that would provide young people with an attainable touch of luxury within their active lifestyles. Hurley decided not to launch the company due to the drastic amount of changes it would have to endure to ensure its perfection, and thus the rights were retained by Sean Wing.

Fast forwarding to November 2011, Jon Ezell who was one of the top students studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, approached Sean Wing with his dream to start a fashion company. Seeing firsthand Jon’s remarkable talent, creativity, passion, and intellect, they joined forces. And with absolutely no money, no team, no resources, and no idea what they were actually going to do, the ADAMO Collection was launched… that day.

During that initial week, Sean and Jon worked tirelessly to put together all the original concepts into a structured brand that could be successfully strategized and executed upon. As the days passed, word began to spread about the launch of ADAMO. The shear depth of the brand and product that we were developing was something that began inspiring people to become involved in our adventure of turning nothing into something.

People from Oakley to Hurley were empowering us with an unbelievably deep and diverse network of the industries most revered partners and manufactures to make our products a reality. Even local businesses when hearing about the vision were quick to show their support through much needed resources.

What was even more remarkable were the hundreds of young people who were connecting with the brands symbol and vision. Out of these hundreds were selected a dozen young minds with outstanding talents, passions, and knowledge in the areas of Marketing, Retail Sales, Events, Photography, Film, Public Relations, Production, etc. who united together into the core creative team that would execute the ADAMO Collection brand.

Over the course of those five months, ADAMO Collection evolved into a unique product that stands above what todays youth know and wear. The brand shaped into a symbol of creativity by it served. Overall, ADAMO Collection has become a platform where creative youth are inspired, motivated, and empowered to change the world by burning the boxes of conventionalism through their creation of the things that they’ve fallen in love with.

As this is being written, ADAMO Collection has begun its sixth month of life with its first fashion collection, Signature by adamo, and a brand composed of exciting events, memorable photography and films, incredible creatives and their stories, and overall, a team of remarkable young minds who have united together under the symbol of ADAMO to make its vision a reality.

Moving forward into the future will be a journey that will be riddled with adventures, stories, challenges, and above all else, opportunities to follow our passions and dreams to create what we have fallen in love with. ADAMO Collection lives and breathes only because of creative youth, their stories, and the ideas that it symbolizes. Through it, we will succeed! Welcome to the ADAMO Collection!